Time Travel & Destiny

This article deals with the paradox of time travelling being possible, but the impossibility to change the past. The uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics could explain that : once something has been observed, it's set in stone. And going in the past can't change something that has been observed. So time traveling could only happen to observe what has already been observed, all the rest is left free to be changed. But if it's free to be changed and make sense to be changed and time travel will exist in the future, it's very likely that people from the future already came to "observe" the things left to observe. And our present or near future is probably the same too. So in the end I think the uncertainty principle makes destiny a reality. All the past is written once and for all, and our future will soon be the past of future generations. So is everything is written already...

I'm happy with what I came up with so far...

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Anonymous said...

I read your statements and I agree with you.
Also I have some other inferences which lead to some paradoxes about changing the future.
I am now working on a research about destiny and I am looking for some sources about it and its relations to uncertainty principle and other principles in physics.
Can you help me ?
We can have information sharing ?
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