Late at night

I finally took the time to transfer my latest DJ mix from the iBook to the PC and upload it on the net in Vorbis format. Here is the track listing :
  • Baby Ford - Car jacker

  • Baby Ford - Crease release

  • GusGus - Pagus (believe)

  • Headman - It rough (Chicken Lips remix)

  • Captain Comatose - Comatose Captain (5-8 mix)

  • Hell - Limbische System

  • Italic ???

  • Saint Etienne - Heart failed (T.L.S. dub)

  • T. Raumschmiere - Zartbitter

  • DBX - Loosing control

  • Hell - Listen to the hiss (Villalobos kiss hiss mix)

  • Plastikman - I don't know

  • I:Cube - Bubblesphere

  • The Orb - Spanish castles in space

I've listened a lot to this mix without getting bored with it. It also had some powerful effects under the influence :)



It's been a while since I posted here. Not that I don't see/read interresting things everyday. But just because I didn't think of sharing what I met... Well, I did post about philosophy and science on DogSquad, in very good debates with silenus and others.

But today I felt like posting because I saw something I was thinking about and never saw mentioned before : the science-fiction authors that don't meet the expectations of the coming technological revolutions... Check that article here. If I could tell stories I would write many about all the possible futures that are coming, good and bad. But unfortunately I'm not good at it. And sadly there aren't many people out there who think about the future with a wide view and a deep understanding, like Kurzweil has.



Ghislenghien, Asuncion...
Not only greed seem to invade the world. But now it clearly kills people !

Work more or die !
Pay or die !


LittleDetroit in London

I spend this past saturday afternoon and night in London. That was about 2 years since I went in the city to buy records or go in a club ! This time it was for doing both. I fist arrived by the Eurostar, being in the 1st class ! (unfortunately the seats are not electric or you can't plug anything like in the TGV).

As I had many hours before the party was supposed to start, I went in the usual places to find new and 2nd hand records : Camden, Notting Hill Gate and Berwick Street.

After that I was quite exhausted by the heat (still less than in Paris) and by the records I had to carry in my bag (27 plus a VHS and 2 DVDs). So on the way to the meeting pub, I stopped by the Blackfriars bridge for a while to relax.

Graham (cdw on the Black Dog Forum) recognised me there because I was wearing my Matroska tee-shirt as expected :) So he joined me to discuss, check the CDs and relax. Then we finally headed to the pub.

There was quite a few people there. Not a single one that I knew, except maybe for Martin Dust who was organising the event and also recognised me from my tee-shirt ;)

The 2 DJs we saw there were very good. Their track selection was just great. Too bad the sound wasn't so good and almost noone was dancing.

Around 11pm everyone got out of the pub to join the boat where the real party was happening.

We had to wait for quite some time outside and so we could realise that it was a full moon night ! Very promising :)

The music started to play in the boat and so everybody got onboard.

Downstairs were the toilets and also the second DJ room. But unfortunately it was not allowed to dance there for "security" reasons, so I didn't go much...

Then the boat left the border and the party really started on the river Thames !

The DJs were very good even though the cartridge of the turntable would jump once in a while... One of the so many advantages of digital DJs over legacy ones ;)

The trip on the Thames was really nice. We got to see many "famous" places of London during the party. So when you didn't feel like dancing, you could still watch outside and enjoy.

I really enjoyed the music even though I was a bit tired by the whole trip. But I managed to dance pretty much of the time while Graham was sometimes relaxing ;)

Then the sun slowly came up and the party ended. Everyone seemed to have spent a good moment in an unsual place to have a party !

And then I was back to Paris with the first Eurostar...