Late at night

I finally took the time to transfer my latest DJ mix from the iBook to the PC and upload it on the net in Vorbis format. Here is the track listing :
  • Baby Ford - Car jacker

  • Baby Ford - Crease release

  • GusGus - Pagus (believe)

  • Headman - It rough (Chicken Lips remix)

  • Captain Comatose - Comatose Captain (5-8 mix)

  • Hell - Limbische System

  • Italic ???

  • Saint Etienne - Heart failed (T.L.S. dub)

  • T. Raumschmiere - Zartbitter

  • DBX - Loosing control

  • Hell - Listen to the hiss (Villalobos kiss hiss mix)

  • Plastikman - I don't know

  • I:Cube - Bubblesphere

  • The Orb - Spanish castles in space

I've listened a lot to this mix without getting bored with it. It also had some powerful effects under the influence :)


Lev said...

This is god damned amazing. I am really really impressed. I need to get a large collection of music like that; I have very little of that style at the mo. I could sit for hours and mix that sort of thing with a bottle of red wine within reach.

And I dont impress easily!

robux4 said...

Thanks for the kind words :)
I actually don't usually mix this kind of stuff. But lately I feel like going this softer, lighter and deeper road. And in the end it's one of the mix I'm most proud of (even though a bit depressing).