When Science Prefers To Be Blind

Again it's about the Dalai Lama (no, I'm not a boudhist)... This time it's about a scientific lecture were the Dalai Lama was invited to participate and talk about a study on the effect of meditation on brain waves and how it can affect the surrounding environment.

Some scientists have petitioned for this to not happen. Just because they think :

But many scientists who signed the petition say they did so because they believe that the field of neuroscience risks losing credibility if it ventures too recklessly into spiritual matters.

I'm sure there is a lot to discover there. If only they tried...


Modern Life Tricks

It's funny that to get well organised and efficient you need to cut on too many useless interruptions. I guess that's the point we all reach when spending a lot of time online & working on a computer. Usuing very few and simple tools. But that just do what they are supposed to do: help our memory and reduce the context switching.

20% Of Human Genes Patented

Of course it's in the USA. Now I fail to understand how you can patent something you didn't event, just discovered. And even more, prevent someone from using his own natural genes to work the way they would. Just for greed...