Artificial Curiosity

The first robot with curiosity built-in. And you can even buy this Sony Aibo.
Robots that are driven by curiosity may be able to develop on their own, without programming or supervision.


Time Travel & Destiny

This article deals with the paradox of time travelling being possible, but the impossibility to change the past. The uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics could explain that : once something has been observed, it's set in stone. And going in the past can't change something that has been observed. So time traveling could only happen to observe what has already been observed, all the rest is left free to be changed. But if it's free to be changed and make sense to be changed and time travel will exist in the future, it's very likely that people from the future already came to "observe" the things left to observe. And our present or near future is probably the same too. So in the end I think the uncertainty principle makes destiny a reality. All the past is written once and for all, and our future will soon be the past of future generations. So is everything is written already...

I'm happy with what I came up with so far...


Robots putting their heads together

One of the many examples where simple brains can make complex things, like ants or even maybe like ours...

More on the limits of consciousness

Two interresting articles on consciousness, something that actually may not even be a tangible thing. But more the illusion of a more complex system which might not be that coherent.

Mistaken identity

I also didn't see it as a big news before but IBM is starting a project to simulate a brain in one of their most powerful computer. Something that Kurzweil expected to happen around now (and be real in about a decade or 2). We'll push the limits further of what can be and cannot be done...

Blue Brain

Corporate Censorship

It seems that big companies are not relunctant at all to the idea of controlling what you are allowed to know or not. Among them are Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!. They have agreed to censor the content they provide to chinese citizens. I guess whatever a powerful government will ask them, they'll do it. Business as usual... But it's always good to know who you can (not) trust...

Back to life

Now that my situation is getting a bit calmer and that I found a few good articles I'm back to feed this blog.

For those who followed the Ateme move, I finally didn't go there. I'm now working in Los Angeles on a hardware, software, distribution project for video. This project is very exciting, much more than the one they proposed me at Ateme.

The life so far has been very rock'n'roll, living in a luxury hotel (now another one), DJing once in a while, working at night, sleeping a tiny bit... I hope it will become a bit calmer soon.