When marketing fails

On the Apple switch campaign by Andrew Orlowski.

The scripts were generally excellent, but the CEO wanted something edgy, so the art director transformed ordinary people into the role of 'Twitchers'. This was guaranteed to repel customers and reinforced the impression, unfortunately confirmed by a handful of net fanatics, that to be an Apple User really means 'Loser'. Give that man an Oscar!

Happy, smiling people replaced the Twitchers within weeks, but the damage had been done

Probably more on Apple tomorrow if the low-cost Mac is announced.


Anonymous said...

What do you think of Apple's new toys? A new iPod, cheaper, but without the screen, a new iMac, cheaper but without the screen, and also without the keyboard and the mouse. It all makes sense, since the users don't have a brain to use Apple's products. They're just adapting to their target.

Anthony (San Diego)

robux4 said...

Hi Anthony,

My comments can be found here : http://robux4.blogspot.com/2005/01/mini-mac.html

I'm overall pleased by this machine. And among the Mac addicts it seems to be very positive too, which has not been much the case recently (apart from the G5 addition).