New File System needed

One of the first thing I wanted to do with this blog was write an article on the need for a new File System for computers. This article goes in the same direction, even though it's a bit modest compared to what I have in mind.

Here are some of the requirements I have in mind :
  • native 64 bits support (for almost unlimited file sizes unlike FAT32)
  • portable to be used on either Windows, Linux and OSX
  • open source and patent free (to be usable for free on any device)
  • support symbolic link (not well supported on Windows and OS X)
  • support insertion and deletion of parts without needing to rewrite to a new file (not found anywhere I know yet), a cleanup of the FS could be done during idle time to commit these changes irremediable
  • support attributes/meta-data better than on OS X (UNIX commands lose such attributes)

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Anonymous said...

What about porting ReiserFS 4 (when it's finished) to Windows? It should have (almost) every feature you list.