It seems I have too little time to work on all the projects I'm interrested in. Here is the list that come to my mind :

  • Matroska : create the basis for the menu system, improve tagging support in various players/taggers, ensure we have native MPEG4 framing

  • Musepack in Matroska : it seems Frank Klemm is really keen to work in a team and we actually lost contact :(

  • Wavpack in Matroska : apparently David is working on a library for Wavpack4 that would allow this easily. But I don't know the status of this.

  • TTA in Matroska : there is a library for TTA that could help us, but we need to spend some hours to make it work.

  • GStreamer on Win32 : IMO we are close to have something usable, but I just don't have the time now to sit down and work on it for a few hours. Hopefully Marc will progress further.

  • CoreLib/CoreSync/MDDBLib : one of the ambitious projects I have in mind to ease my life for managing all my audio content

  • AllOfMP3 : after using their Explorer I saw a few limits and have a few ideas on what could be done, especially something that works on many OS

  • Reencoding manager : would allow to encode audio files and keep tags. That would allow to maintain in sync my AllOfMP3, iTunes and MP3 player in sync (before CoreSync becomes real).

  • TCVE : this video editor would need a lot of work and is really ambitious too

I would really like to spend a lot of time on all of this. And working bit by bit on each is not very productive for any of them. So I need to set priorities, but I don't know where to start. Most probably I'll work on tools I really need for my everyday life...

I would also like to stabilize my underpowered Linux box to be able to work with it. But I need my defective 160GB Samsung HD back :'(

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