While I listen to Orbital "In sides" (I'm so happy to be able to listen to the records I own in vynil with a clear sound thanks to AOMP3), I was thinking about some coincidences that happen in life. No I'm not going to talk about Luke's blog, because after all that's the kind of thing I could expect from him ;) So there's no real coincidences for us to do this (after all we worked together to publish and share our music tastes). But the interresting coincidence there is that on his blog there is a link to Of the world's 100 largest economic entities, 51 are now corporations and 49 are countries.. That's somehow the same threat I was talking about for companies that has become too important compared to humans. It's good to see a growing concern about this (and put a name and facts on it).

Other coincidences are the coming days. Lasse is coming from Finland via Germany and thursday and Gilles also asked me to sleep here during the same night... Or on the 3rd I wanted to attend the Cinemix of The Micronauts, maybe with Marta, but my brother asked me to come here on the same day with his wife. So maybe I won't be able to go or at least not be able to be able to meet Marta for the first time IRL on that day :( Well, let's see when she arrives in Paris and arrange everything...

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