Lucas' Blog

Cool !

Lucas Granito, an old friend from the time of UUUU.org, has also been doing his own blog for some time. It's funny to see people put their own diary on the net. It takes time to make it, and even more time to make it good.

I'm still undecided wether I should put general stuff or more personal. Maybe because the limit for me is very thin ;) But as I said about privacy it's a tough issue. And maybe I don't want to get people involved without knowing or agreeing. So I'll keep my very deep thoughts (yes, sometimes it happens !) for myself...

Anyway, I'm happy to read Lucas' blog. For example that article about a girl which might like his music but it's very complicated to get her into it. As Lucas and I have close tastes (obviously we met through music) I know exactly that feeling. We both spend a lot of time listening to music and listening to new music. And it's very hard for anyone outside to either understand or keep in touch. But hopefully music is a universal language and anybody can understand it... Even though I realise(d) that a lot of the music we listen to is a reminiscent of the urban/industrial world we're living in. And if you don't live in that world (and maybe at a fast speed) it's hard to understand/feel it... I used to hate art that needed a context to be understood. But as the world gets specialised in every aspect, it's getting harder to have a wider view/feel of what's going on.

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