Google Open Source ?

These days there are many article on how Google is slowly becoming a threat to Microsoft. Even Bill Gates himself acknowledges that and say that Google is close enough to Microsoft in terms of strategy that it has to be taken seriously. There are also some growing concers on what Google knows about you and how they could use that.

The strange thing is that everyone thought the biggest threat to MS would be Open Source. Something radically different enough that MS could hardly fight it back (it does by lower the costs or offering products for free). But that's not really the case. It probably only impacts MS's growth.

So only a company being as "evil" as Microsoft can fight it ? How come Google never publishes valuable source code (they do have a website with some free Open Source code, MS has that too) ? Wouldn't we trust it better and love it more ? Wouldn't they gain from input from more people in the world ? Or is it just that they think that giving source to their competitors would kill them ? Only if they use a license like BSD/MIT, not the more common GPL or LGPL.

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