Cell phones in Africa

You may not realise it, but the biggest cell phone progression this year is in Africa. Apparently the cost of communications is very high compared to their daily spendings. But they do use it in some weird and unpredicted ways.

One problem remains even in the age of cutting-edge cellular technology: How does an African family in a hut lighted by candles charge a mobile phone? A bicycle-driven charger is said to be on the horizon. But that would require a bicycle, a rare possession in much of rural Africa.

In Yanguye, as in other regions, the solution is often a car battery owned by someone who does not have a prayer of acquiring a car. Ntombenhle Nsele keeps one in her home a few miles down the road from Ms. Skhakhane's. She takes it by bus 20 miles to the nearest town to recharge it in a gas station.

Anyway, it's a good way to get Africa joining the digital world too. They just get the technology we use now a few years later...

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