Mini Mac

Apple has finally unveiled its cheapest computer ever. That means a revolution for Apple that has long been targeting the yuppies. Now almost everyone can afford a Mac running OS X with the whole iLife suite for a good multimedia experience.

For 500€ this machine could very well replace my parents' computer that has less powerful hardware, is big and noisy, needs a firewall, an antivirus and an external modem to run.

I could also use one to develop with XCode (the best GUI build around gcc by far!). And that wouldn't take more space or more noise than my current 2 computers. And it would be so much faster and with a much bigger screen than my iBook 12".

So in just 2 examples it gives a good overview of how successful this little good looking machine could be. I'm not sure it will get Apple that much more PC market share, but it will help for sure. It mostly targets people with not much interrest in their PC but that want to have access to all modern technologies (they could have pu a DVD writer from the start). And only the ones with a screen, a USB keyboard and a USB mouse (hopefully Mac compatible). Otherwise the price aspect is less interresting, but not that much.

I'll probably wait until Tiger is released to buy one. That's probably in 6 months, with the future hardware upgrade/tuning (buying a 1st generation product is usually not a good idea).

Let's see if Apple is able to deliver enough machine. I think the demand will be big.

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