Back to life

Now that my situation is getting a bit calmer and that I found a few good articles I'm back to feed this blog.

For those who followed the Ateme move, I finally didn't go there. I'm now working in Los Angeles on a hardware, software, distribution project for video. This project is very exciting, much more than the one they proposed me at Ateme.

The life so far has been very rock'n'roll, living in a luxury hotel (now another one), DJing once in a while, working at night, sleeping a tiny bit... I hope it will become a bit calmer soon.


Anonymous said...

Another frog in the West Coast! Welcome! ;-) Anthony, San Diego.

robUx4 said...

Hi Anthony,

I hope my situation will be more stable in the coming months. I'll probably ride to San Diego then. Let me know if you come around here :)